What is the best cockatiel breed


Choosing a cockatiel is an important business, and it may leave you asking “what is the best cockatiel breed?” It’s important to consider the different pros and cons of the various breeds available before you go ahead and buy one.

Choosing a cockatiel is often about what colors you find attractive, as there is little other difference between the different types. Some may be slightly better at certain tasks than others, and some might be bigger or smaller, but on the whole, they are pretty similar except in looks.

What Is The Best Cockatiel Breed?

The most affordable cockatiel breed is the commonest kind – the gray-feathered version. It will have small white patches, a bright yellow crest, and those iconic orange patches on its cheeks, but most of its feathers will be gray.

These birds are the easiest to find, and they tend to enjoy better health. They are often hardier than other cockatiels, and may cope better with being brought into a home and tamed.

If you are keen to have a white or a yellow cockatiel, a Lutino might suit you. They are pretty birds, but slightly more prone to health issues than the gray-feathered kinds.

Whiteface cockatiels are good if you want a bird that is white all over. These birds lack the colored cheeks and crest that most cockatiels have, so they look more unusual.

An albino is another alternative for a white bird, but these tend to be weaker and more susceptible to diseases than the gray-feathered kind. They often die younger, and you should not breed two albinos together.

Cinnamon cockatiels are an option if you want a reddish colored bird, and they carry the other standard markings.


Gray-feathered cockatiels are often the healthiest and easiest to get hold of, so they might be the best breed. However, if you want a different color, you can probably find one. Just make sure the bird is healthy before you buy it!

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