How to set up cockatiel breeding pair


If you wish to breed cockatiels, it’s important to give the pair a safe and comfortable environment in which to get to know each other, mate, incubate, and rear their young.

You can set up cockatiel breeding pair by making sure that they have plenty of food and water in multiple dishes around the breeding cage, as well as sufficient light, a nest box, and a reasonable amount of peace and quiet. These things are all important to successful breeding.

How To Set Up Cockatiel Breeding Pair

Step One) Get a cage. This should be at least three feet by three feet by six feet, ensuring the birds have sufficient space to breed and rear young.

Step Two) Find a quiet spot. Your birds will appreciate calm while they mate, incubate, and rear their babies, so put them in a room where they will not need to be disturbed often. They also like a minimum of ten hours of light every day, so use artificial light if the sunlight hours are too short.

Step Three) Equip the cage with extra food and water dishes, in case one of the two is prone to guarding the food bowl. You don’t want anyone going hungry at breeding time!

Step Four) Give the pair time to get acquainted. It is often a good idea to choose a slightly more experienced bird to pair with an inexperienced one, but if you can’t do that, at least make sure your birds are both a good weight and very healthy. They should be at least eighteen months old, or older.

Step Five) Provide a nest box, with shredded paper for the nest, and let them get on with it. You should soon have chicks with this setup!


With a large enough cage, plenty of light, and healthy birds, you will be well on the way to successfully breeding cockatiels.

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