How to breed the cockatiel bird


Have you ever wondered how to breed the cockatiel bird? These gorgeous birds are easy to breed and provided you do so responsibly, they will bring you a lot of joy! Do not breed cockatiels unless you have the time and energy to put into helping them rear their young if necessary

Both birds must be more than eighteen months old, in great health, and not related to each other. Unhealthy, underweight, overweight, or young birds often encounter problems when breeding, and this could result in sick young or even death of the parent bird.

How To Breed The Cockatiel Bird

Step One) Make sure your birds are getting enough light. They need 10-12 hours of bright light (preferably sun but artificial light will suffice) per day.

Step Two) Put your cockatiel pair in a large cage together – they need at least six feet by three feet by three feet of space to breed.

Step Three) Give the pair two weeks together in a quiet area of your home, and then give them a nest box. This should be about a foot by a foot, and preferably made of wood, with uncolored shredded paper for the nest lining.

The male will prepare the nest and then mate with the female, and two weeks later, she will lay her eggs. Both birds will brood the eggs and it takes about three weeks for them to hatch. Don’t disturb them unnecessarily.

Step Four) The chicks will be weaned after about eight to ten weeks, and you should separate male and female chicks at this point to prevent unwanted pairings. Take the nest box away unless you want the adults to breed again.


Breeding cockatiels is easy provided you give them a clean, comfortable cage, a nest box, and enough food and light. The birds will know what to do, although you should check in the babies occasionally to ensure they are thriving.

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