The Fallow Cockatiel

The Fallow Cockatiel

Fallow cockatiel are small bird which is commonly found in Australia. They are also found in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. They are the most common cockatiels, being frequently bred in captivity.

The Fallow Cockatiel has a round head, short crest, and a white eye ring. They have a long tail that is primarily green with a yellow outer edge. The cockatiel’s wings are brownish-red in color. The colors on their wings correspond to the colors on their tail. Its nails are not very strong, and they have sharp claws.

All cockatiel males will fallow in color in the wild, but females can be any color other than fallow. Many cockatiels stay the same color throughout their lives in captivity, but some will change to yellow or white with age or when they reach maturity at 18 months old.

The average lifespan of a fallow cockatiel is about 12-14 years, but there have been cases of them living up to 20 years. Fallow cockatiels are usually about 10 inches long, not including their tail feathers which can be another two inches long.


Male birds have a brown body and a white head with a crest. Females have brown streaks on their heads and yellow underparts with a dark brown streak across their shoulders. The cockatiel has a long tail, which usually feathers out in the shape of an inverted horseshoe. This is why they are also called “horseshoe birds.”

The Fallow Cockatiel is a famous pet bird that is easy to care for and can be an excellent choice for children or people living in apartments. They are also called the ‘crested cockatoo.’ It is one of the most common cockatoo species in captivity.

The Fallow Cockatiel also has a pointed crest on its head, raising when threatened or excited. They are usually seen in pairs or small groups during the breeding season, but they can also be found living on their own. These birds are mainly ground feeders but will fly up to the bushes to search for necessary food.

Fallow Cockatiels are lively birds that enjoy playing with toys and interacting with their owners. They will often learn tricks to get attention, and sometimes they will even whistle songs and phrases back at you!

Diet of Fallow Cockatiel

The diet of a fallow cockatiel is the most crucial aspect of keeping this bird healthy and happy. Owners must know what they are feeding their bird to ensure that it has the best chance at living a long, healthy life. The diet of fallow cockatiels can vary from one individual to the next. Cockatiels are very selective about what they consume and may even refuse a particular food item after a while.

Many people think that cockatiels are vegetarians, but they are omnivores. This means that these birds need both vegetables and meat in their diet to be complete. A fallow cockatiel’s diet should include a mix of fresh vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, and pellets for them to be healthy and happy. The diet of a Fallow cockatiel consists mainly of various types of seeds, vegetables, and nuts. They also enjoy a wide variety of fruits and berries.

In the wild, most cockatiel species eat seeds from palm trees and other plants on the ground, such as grasses, berries, and flowers. They will also eat insects such as beetles or worms.

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